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Austin 45

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Austin 45, its sounds like a nostalgic American Sports Car, revved up smoking wheels, Skulls and Fluffy Dice dangling from the Mirror, with our protagonist driving off into the Nevada Desert Sunset…

But, this is Shepherds Bush and Home to a Football Club that never offers you a dull moment and tonight it is the return of a King, a Messiah, a God in the eyes of joy starved Queens Park Rangers supporters.

Let’s face it, this season has been an absolute misery, so let’s excuse ourselves this moment of wonderment and excitement.

Soon enough the Luton Town game will be over, and we can all return to our rightful mindset of Morbidity.

But what if? What if?

If Fairy tales exist, then tonight would be the absolute proof in the pudding as they say.

The Goat scene from Jurassic Park comes to mind, Luton Town, waiting for the inevitable consumption from Austin 45 as he buries a Hat-Trick and wheels away to celebrate in front of a load of streamed viewers.

I forgot the joy of streaming, yuck.

Yes, the transfer is full of scepticism from all corners of the Football League and yes, he may be a few years older and yes it could all come crashing down, but frankly, who cares.

The Man, The Legend has come home and I for one am genuinely excited.

He appears to have come from another planet, unfazed by the enormous weight on his shoulders and resting assured that he is back in Blue&White non other than to succeed and rescue us from this burning pit of Championship relegation we now face.

Our current young squad has lost its early optimism and our Strikers have the look of a pet Rabbit that has been cajoled and tossed around the garden all night by wild and feral fox.

Dishevelled, de-energised and morale depleted.

I imagine Bonne & Dykes watching Austin in training as if he has literally stepped from a flying saucer and embarked upon a goalscoring exhibition of The Harlington Training Ground.

If Austin lost a leg tomorrow, I would still fancy him burying both, guilt-edged chances against Fulham.

Anyway, optimism is the new feeling here, right?

Indeed, it is.

Austin brings with him not only a loyal worshipping of QPR supporters but also the firm knowledge of where the back of the net is, its key, it is essential.

For a team that is happy to hold the ball and play attractive football, we are vastly lacking a goal scorer whose sole ambition is to see the back of the net bulge and ripple.

Cue Charlie Austin, its over to you.


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